Nutritionally enriched and tasty breads for European consumers!

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    Collaborative Project

    HealthBread links science, industrial innovation and baker craftsmanship.

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    Beneficial nutrients

    HealthBread utilises specific parts of the wheat grain kernels to achieve higher levels of dietary fibre and beneficial nutrients.

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    SME marketing plan

    HealthBread assists SME bakeries to produce and market new healthy bread options.

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    HealthBread Manual

    HealthBread Manual provides SME bakers with general guidance for selecting flours and favourable fermentation processes.

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    HealthBread in Brussels – Up to 5,000 people visited the HealthBread stand, talked with our bakers and tasted HealthBread products from Italy, Germany and Austria.


Consumer interest in healthy eating and healthy bread products is rising. The HealthBread research (EU FP7 funded) project is a two-year collaborative program with an aim to research and create good tasting and nutritionally enriched bread products. The project will produce both ‘whole grain’ and ‘white’ bread products and assess their commercial potential. Eight bakeries from Austria, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, together with renowned research organisations TNO (Netherlands) and VTT (Finland) will join colleagues from industry, business and research and create a number of healthy bread options for a European consumer base. Read more

HealthBread Project

Project Coordinator Jan Willem van der Kamp presents HealthBread at the Academia Barilla in Parma, Italy.